Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I just read this thread, the girl is asking if it's considered shallow that she's wondering why her boyfriend doesn't give her flowers. Hellooo! Of course it's shallow!

Okay I'm not saying I don't like flowers. I do. I love yellow roses. And I appreciate being given them, although I prefer the potted kind. But these so called signs of love or signs that you're special to someone will die, wilt and shrivel up to an ugly piece of mess. Not to mention, it stinks and tends to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

How come some people notice it when they're given flowers or anything else for that matter but don't notice what someone does to make them happy? How come you feel special when you're given flowers but not when he's taking time off from work to spend time with you? Stuff like that? Duh!

Flowers die. Even potted ones will die. But simple gestures like bringing you home to make sure you got home okay, or maybe giving you 100 g of your fave candy from Candy Mix are better than a bouquet of expensive flowers.

Cynical. Is it because those people who gave me flowers turned out to be jerks. HEHE.

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