Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fudge and whole lotta shitty more!

Owgademmit! I just weighed myself and tantananan!!! I just gained 2 pounds!!! Two freakin' pounds that I worked so hard to lose. I am so going back on my half cup of carb a day diet. Okay so the last week I was with my Bubu almost everyday, except Sunday (ayos ka, Sunday pa talaga!), so I heard mass with my friend Manel. But let's not even go into the details of what the homily was about. *snickers*

Since I'm always with Bubu, he makes me finish my meals every time, even if I am close to throwing up already. I know, some people don't eat even a single meal in a day, but can't I just take home the rest? WAH! So, I'm going on a hunger strike. Hay. This is getting me depressed, AGAIN! And I just got out of the emo mood I was in last Sunday. Anyway...oh well...and I'm gonna haul my mom's ass to walking!

I'm starting to miss my Bubu! *someone bitch slap me!*

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