Wednesday, May 09, 2007

People come and go...

This is one of the hardest lessons I had to learn and experience in my life. Sadly, as we grow, there are pieces of us, parts of our lives that we leave behind. This doesn't exclude lovers, friends and family. It's sad that although you go through the hardest things with someone, this doesn't assure you that this person will stay in your life.

As we grow, we can't help it. We change, we start to look for things that fit into the kind of life we would like to lead. And sadly even if we don't want to, to be able to gain something, we must also let go something else. A lot of things cannot coexist. A lot of things can only be good for you at one point.

I've lost a lot to these so-called changes. And it's not going to stop. As I continue to gain...I will also continue to lose another.

Julie: It's just weird how time erases things.
Fern: Time doesn't erase things, people erase things.
Julie: Yeah, people erase people.
- Excerpt, Jawbreaker

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