Sunday, February 17, 2008

Arizona Tidbits. Laughable.

I was just thinking about the funny things that has happened to me so far...

I was Ugly Betty for halloween. And it was soooo fitting.

I washed the dishes for the 3rd time using the dishwasher and I flooded up the kitchen. HAHA

Running to avoid the cold, which actually makes it colder.

Pushing the costco cart back to the apartment, with every intention of bringing it back, when I was going back down the cart was gone. Two days later I saw it in the trash bin.

Running after the bus.

Always getting stuck listening to homeless people. And getting begged at! Grah!

Sticking my hand in the pizza oven when its cold even in the kitchen.

Stopping and petting almost every dog I come across with.

Walking into Nordstroms with my hand carry luggage, that had wheels, I usually use as my purse in case I shopped and couldnt carry anymore bags. I looked like a hilly billy!

Defrosting a pack of pork and almost flooding my kitchen again! :) Blech!

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