Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Love About My Life Right Now.

Francis. DUH (Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?!)

Valley Metro - except when I get left by the bus. Happened to me this morning. The bus didnt wait long enough!

Scottsdale Fashion Square - Great mall! :)

See's Candies!

The independence I really have. I actually have a choice of taking or not my mom's phone calls! HAHA

The way I miss my dad.

My roomies, Ate Sandra and Ate Belen. 2140 is a bit more tolerable coz of them.

Sunday's off! - I get to go to church.

My boss!!! - He's the bestest and one of the cutest boss I've had. :)

Picking up some Spanish and Italian phrases. :)


Giacomo Casanova said...

diba i told you not to make gala??? hayy, how much was ur savings in the bank???

I love you!

soulfoolchic said...

puntahan ko muna lahat ng malls...

arizona mills
desert sky mall
chandler fashion center
Superstition Springs

Chige na. :)