Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Last.

This is my one last rant. Actually, I have not much to rant about. I have a good job, was fortunate enough to be able to come here. Although I miss my Bubu so much. Thats it. I miss him super duper duper duper miss!!!

Today, I will forget about the people who get into my nerves and laugh everthing off.

Today, I will focus on the positive things that are happening to me.

Today, I will believe in the abundance of the earth.

Today, I will have faith in God to lead me to the right direction. And back in my Bubu's arms.

Today, nothing others say can shake me, pull me down or annoy me.

Today, I am invincible.

Well...to them.


Giacomo Casanova said...

So last na talaga yan??? Paano pag nag-rant ka na naman??? Aber?

soulfoolchic said...

Wag ka kumontraaa!!!!