Friday, March 12, 2010

Love, Trust, Lies.

Love is something we all want. Everyone wants to love and be loved. We all seek it. It was the fall of 2008. I was going home. I just got out of a bad relationship too. I met someone. And I thought he was perfect. We connected in such a way that I have never connected to anyone. We had alot in common. We have the same wavelength of thinking. It's a bit of a surprise. His name is Rey. And I loved him dearly. Perhaps, I wasn't the best girlfriend he's had. I am good when I'm good. But I am also a bitch when I'm a bitch. The past months were hard. Everyday is a struggle for us to get through. There are times when I wondered what I was doing there, why was I allowing these things to happen to me. The answer is Love. I love him. That is why even when he doesn't show me he loves me as much as before, I stayed. Even when it was painful, I stayed. I waited. I am still waiting. I do not not for what though.

Trust is something that is hard to give. Most people have to earn it. It takes years and years to build this foundation. It wasn't hard for me to trust him. I do not know why. I guess, it's because I am a very trusting person. I usually trust everyone first and when they do something that breaks that trust, everything changes.

I feel betrayed. Right now, I feel very betrayed. And he's not doing anything to make it right. If you love someone, proving to him/her that you love her is easy. It's a no-brainer. Even when you are mad, even when you say you are tired. You love her/him! You would do anything not to hurt him/her. ANYTHING.

Lies -- EVERYBODY lies. I have been lying to myself. I have been convincing myself that that you still love me because you tell me. I feel it sometimes.

I just don't understand why you are allowing this to happen to me, if you love me. Why can't you just be true to yourself? So you can be true to me.

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