Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spot The Difference.

What's the difference when his friend says (not verbatim) "It should end. You don't have to end it badly but it should end." And my friend saying "Leave him."

The way I see it, it only means one thing. They think this relationship should end. BUT, of course because him and his friends are the immaculate ones - therefore they are not judgmental, my friend is judgmental.

So I asked another friend of mine, without explaining fully the situation, just asking him what he thought was the difference between the statements and he told me that they are both judgmental. They are both judging the relationship. He also said that the first statement which sounded nicer could be more judgmental, if you think about it, but is trying not to be judgmental.

The difference is this, for him his friend is the better friend because she is not judgmental as she appears to be. And my friend he thinks ill of because he's judgmental.

What kind of a fucked up world do I live in?

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