Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All You Need Is Love.

“Love is the greatest of all risks. It is not reliable, it is not cautious. It is not sympathetic and it is merciless. It strikes the strongest of mind, and brings them to their knees in one blow. The risk of love never depletes, it grows stronger and more dangerous with time. It consumes your every thought and desire… and every breath you take. It is the fire that fuels you, to do more than just pass through life. It urges you instead, to live. No matter what the outcome, having felt love, you will never be the same. It may scar your heart and your soul, and leave you with only memories of forever. Or it may cause every day of your life, to feel like there is no need for tomorrow. Love is worth it. It is worth the risk. For in all of life, love is truly the only risk worth taking.”

This is just a week full of copied things off of other blogs. Something rather interesting has happened to me. A person who told me she didn't want to hear from me again emailed me again. I rather understand what shes going through. Rough. Been there. First there's Pain, Denial and Bitterness. I saw her go through it. I went through it too before.

Well, anyway Francis and I are doing much, much better. Which is great. Right now I am feeling so tired. As in physically, emotionally and mentally drained out. Maybe it was the past few weeks, or maybe it has been the past year. It's just different. It used to be that whenever I felt weary, Francis has been there to alleviate the weariness. A ready smile, a big hug and a tender kiss was enough to make me feel better. But now, I cant get any, for obvious reasons. There's so little outlet for the weariness. That its all trapped within. Hay.

Oh well.

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