Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey Prince,

The past few days I've been talking to you and we've been arguing. We're spent now. It's sad. Today, I called my mom because I was feeling so desperate, yet again. And then I remembered I can't really talk to her about you because it might stress her out that I'm in this state of being/mind.

But like all moms she listened. And then I asked her how she was, how her lab test was. She then told me that she had stage 3 breast cancer. Ugh. Imagine? Here I am crying over a lost love when my mom had this illness. Wow.

So today, I decided that I will not cry for you anymore. I will not exhaust myself of thinking about the shoulda, woulda, coulda. Today, my #1 priorities are my parents. I hope you understand. It doesn't mean I'll forget about you.

I love you still. I'll be here.

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