Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mon cher Prince,

Today is my first real snow day! It was pretty exciting. I insisted on going out and doing some errands. I walked to the harbor and took some pictures. I picked up some snow, balled it up and threw it acroas the rail. I resisted the urge to lay down on the snow and make a snow angel. Lol

I am now listening to Christmas songs. I already heard one of my favorites. I am studying for my red seal exams even if I do not know if I can actually take it. But I still wanna study for it to get ready. I am wondering what is your favorite Christmas song? Tell me when we meet okay? I wanna know.

Prince, I love you. Thank you for making me feel so loved, even if you're not yet here! Thank you. Until we meet. I'll be here. I'll be ready. :)

Smile. Someone really really loves you! Be happy today!


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