Monday, November 21, 2011

My Prince,

Goodmorning!! Another work day, I feel rested today. Yesterday, I realized in my previous letter that I wrote to you like I was writing to him. I have to stop that now. You could be a totally different person. I'll keep that in mind and in heart.

I have to tell you something. There's a guy at work I've been spending time with recently. He's been a pretty good friend so far. I slept over his house two nights ago. It was a nice feeling to have company. You dont even have to talk. You dont have to do anythig we just ate dinner on his bed. Watched a few movies and later I fell asleep. I asked him if I could just crash and wake me up for church the next day. And he did. I love friends like that you know ?

I hope you don't mind if I have friends like that. I also stopped smoking again. Yup, I was smoking for awhile. But I thought real hard about it and I figured it doesnt really help me. If anything when I smoke I end up thinking about my problems and in those 5-10 minutes spent smoking I wallow. The drinking however helps me sleep.

Yesterday I went out to brunch with another friend and it was fun. Then I went to church. After that I swung by Nipa's and asked her if she wants to watch Breaking Dawn. I originally thought i'd be sad and embittered while watching espescially because of him but I wasnt. I actually thought about you. I was silently wishing you could be like Edward. Hopefully not a vampire. Haha Its always nice to think of love stories to be like that. And that it can happen in reality. After the movie we headed back to downtown. And I thought of what I will do after.

I was scared to go home after the movie. I didn't want to go home and feel miserable. But I was so sleepy. (Hmmm, I forgot to toss my laundry into the dryer. Lol I'll worry about that later. For now, I am with you.) So instead of going to the bar I made the walk up to my house. As soon as I plopped down on my bed I started to feel like I made a mistake. I shrugged it off and turned the tv on. And watched until I fell asleep. I dont even remember what show I saw last. I wonder what I'll be doing tonight.

Thinking of you. :)

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