Monday, November 24, 2008

100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die. (Update)

I was going to list it according to priority but it was just freakin' too hard! So it's random!

1. Have my own family.

2. Meet the pope.

3. Build and sponsor a church.

4. Open my own foundation that will help children and old people.

5. Get married at Chapel on the Hill, and then have my reception at Antonio's.

6. Learn to scuba dive.

7. Open my own restaurant and get a Michelin star!

8. Travel around the Philippines.

9. Send a child to school, other than my own.

10. Become an Executive Chef.

11. Train under a Michelin starred chef.

12. Meet Lea Salonga.

13. Send my parents on a nice vacation abroad.

14. Study another language.

15. Backpack in Europe.

16. Travel entirely by train. Amtrak here I come!!! HAHA

17. Go on a cruise. Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asian, all of em cruises!

18. Retire somewhere where there's sand and sea! Anvaya Cove and Hamilo?

19. Go to Boracay because everyone's been there except me!

20. Ride a rollercoaster.

21. Go on a memorable date. As in a melt your heart type of date, the kind you only see on movies.

22. Make out with a Greek hunk! HEHE

23. Fly first class!

24. Parasail!

25. Ride a hot air balloon.

26. Sing solo for a crowd.

27. Buy one of each : Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and an Audi.

28. Prepare gourmet food for the homeless.

29. Take the board exams.

30. Sit in front of a fireplace and cuddle with my boyfriend.

31. Teach. Although I'm not sure how I'm going to do it.

32. Contribute something to the culinary world.

33. Go to Egypt, Greece, Rome and be awed by their architectural history.

34. Vacation or have my honeymoon at Bora-bora.

35. Shop till I drop.

36. Buy a Nikon D80.

37. Make love with my hubby in a public place without getting caught. HAHA

38. Study photography.

39. Have an exhibit of my works.

40. Mentor an apprentice.

41. Watch a meteor shower.

42. Go out flying with my uncle.

43. Treat my dad on a date.

44. Sail with my uncle.

45. Hike up a mountain summit.

46. To be able to say that I loved someone greatly.

47. Learn yoga.

48. Become skinny! Fit into size 6, non stretch jeans.

49. Be the woman behind a sucessful man.

50. Travel alone.

51. Learn kabbalah.

52. Write a culinary/recipe book.

53. Build my own house, build not buy.

54. Compose my own picture book.

55. Buy all the kitchen utensil and equipment a culinary freak can need!

56. Participate in a nude photography session.

57. Eat at a michelin starred restaurant! (Fernando Pointe's and Bernard Loiseu's among them)

58. Go to Paris with my boyfriend/husband.

59. Dance in the rain.

60. Be totally disconnected for a whole day. No mobile phones or internet.

61. Teach History of Architecture.

62. Adopt two dogs every 3 years.

63. Learn to play a musical instrument.

64. Kiss Brian Littrell! HAHAHA

65. Own a starbucks and coffee bean and tea leaf branch!

66. Watch a "live show".

67. Buy my own theatre, think MTV Cribs home theatre.

68. Learn to play tennis.

69. Go on a Luzon roadtrip! Because it's the easiest island for a roadtrip!

70. Swim with the butandings.

71. Pet a dolphin.

72. Cook for royalty.

73. Make sure my family will never have to eat in a fast food.

73. Go to a nude beach.

74. Treat my mom and my dad to a shopping spree.

75. Treat my mom to a cosmetic surgery, she's always talking about getting a facelift.

76. Watch a space craft launch.

77. Go to Disneyland!

78. Ride a calesa.

79. Ride a vinta!

80. Share an apartment with Kevin and Manel.

81. Be happy and content.

82. Camp on an island.

83. Go to church every single sunday of an entire year.

84. Learn to surf.

85. Love without fear.

86. Celebrate my birthday in an orphanage.

87. Join volunteer work.

88. Take a Holy Land Pilgrimage.

89. Party in Ibiza, Spain.

90. Get a tattoo.

91. Be part of a musical play.

92. Run for office! HAHA

93. Be able to enjoy my life.

94. Buy really sexy underwear. Victoria Secret sexy! HAHA

95. Read all of Paulo Coelho's books.

96. Have my lasik surgery.

97. Go to a volcano crate.

98. Be in a lifestyle show.

99. Shoplift. I just want to know how it feels.

100. Ski on the Swiss slopes.

Whew...that's alot! :)

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