Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, Love!

I am talking to my bestfriend in whole wide world, Antonette. And our topic of the day is *drumroll* LOVE.

Unconditional love, sometimes when I talk to her about love I feel like I haven't really loved anyone. And then I start to think about the things I did for previous relationships? Isn't that not love? The desire I had back then when I was still so blinded by love, to work things out inspite of the things that happened. But she told me that she believes in a way that all the people in our lives (friends and ex-partners) we loved. Boy, I was relieved.

You see, I take those experiences and I consider them like a stepping stone to the big one. If a relationship fails, as hard as it is for me to let go of it initially. When I come to realizations, I always find that the relationship taught me something that will possibly help me when my prince finally finds me! So in away it's learning process to perfecting the art of loving the one God has prepared for you.

Do I make sense? I guess the hard part is retaining the lessons, sometimes we become so overcome by our emotions that we forget to go back to the things we learned. Like what the alchemist said right? About the soul of the world? About the tests, and about how it's not because it is evil, but because it wants you to master the lessons it taught you so you can achieve your personal legend.


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