Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Wishlist 2008

HA! It's that time of the year. Lemme see. At least, I was able to get/buy some of the things I wanted from the previous years. So to start the order of the odds I'd actually get them. Again.

1. Rey. :P
2. One way ticket to LAX, for tomorrow. HAHA
3. A job, again. HAHA
4. A new visa! HAHA
5. A Mazdaspeed 3 Hatchback.
6. Plane tickets for two to Bora Bora!
7. A Mac Book Pro.
8. An iPhone.
9. AF Nikkor 14mm f/2.8D ED
10. Grand Livre de Cuisine Alain Ducasse's Culinary Encyclopedia and Grand Livre de Cuisine Alain Ducasse's Desserts and Pastries.

I actually already have the books I wanted last time. And I didn't buy a Sony Alpha, instead a Nikon D90 double kit lenses. I didn't realize that I didnt have a wish list for last year! HAHA Oh well. That's it for the year. HAHA I dont have to get them all at once but it doesn't mean I wouldn't be elated if I did! HAHA I'd be happy with 1-4! HAHA Because I need all 2-3 to get 1. HAHA

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