Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I never really hated any of my exes. I'm actually friends with some of them, whether it had been a serious one or not. But I really dont get why some exes can't just back off when they need to. It doesn't really bother me that my boyfriend is friends with his exes. I mean I am so I dont see why he can't be.

I've had some bad history with some ex's ex. And I guess I just became wary. But I just want to be assured that everything was clear between them. It was over and done with, and I am with someone else now.

I don't know if this girl, just didn't get. Or hasn't moved on yet. Or in some neurotic parallel universe she is still hoping that after everything that has happened between them, they will get back together or something. Or maybe it wasn't really that crystal clear to her. That he didn't make it like that at all.

Ewan. What a way to remember the first month. Blech.

(I know, just some left over inner monologues.)

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