Monday, February 05, 2007


I like compliments! That's why I like to cook. And that's why I slave over my masterpieces each and every time. That's why I never take just one picture, I have to have a lot. So, I can screen them before I post anything that will have my name on it.

I got a few nice comments on my recent deviations. Some of them were actually taken December last year. I just haven't had that much time to post them. A friend of mine actually asked why I didn't sell any of my pictures. I was just soooo thrilled to hear something like that!!!

I actually started telling my mom about it and she suggested that I collect my pictures have them printed and then we can use them as post cards or calendars or such. Yay me! So, now do you think she will actually consider buying me that yummy alpha I've been eying?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, some peeps and I are planning a photography group of some sort! Oughta be fun!!! Capones, here I come!!!

***I just showed Carlo (I've been madly in love with this guy since I was what 17?) my photos and he gave me a really good comment on my shots. *GIDDY* He's an artist that's why I am so into him, and that's why his comments are well appreciated especially by me! He's my Antonio's wedding reception dude! HAHAHA Wala fishing talaga! I will marry you someday. HAHAHA

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