Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thank you!

It's been a while since I did anything remotely close to big props to the Man above. You're THE MAN! :) As always.

- My wonderful family, including my baby Diego!
- My friends - TOPAC, Myles, Ella, Aj, Mark, Manel, Kevin, My Galera girls (Liz, Julie, Anne, Annie, Dave), plus my new friends Bev, Luv and Dean, Jello (because we're both so ridiculously senseless! And for all the songs he's shared me.), Marjon (even if he's MIA,), emo mate Bajie, Tere and El, Joal, Edel, plus everyone else! Teehee, sorry!
- For my new job! I love every single day I'm in that hot and sweaty kitchen!
- For the cupcakes selling pretty good.
- For Temple, Warehouse 135, Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
- Even if I don't get to do it as often as I want to, thanks for my talent, for the people who has appreciated my art.
- For my heartaches.
- For my cluttered head and for the inner monologues.
- For still giving me life's miracles even if I don't go to mass on Sundays!
- For my silly ideas!
- For my Chefs at The Cafe.
- For the lessons I will learn.
- For my happiness! I know it'll be BIG!
- For my future cars (HAHA), Brian and Carlo. Teehee.
- For the new songs on my iTunes! I'm loving it!
- For my future baby, Canon EOS Rebel XTI or Nikon d80! HAHA (I really have to make up my mind!)
- For all the traveling I will do soon!
- For the opportunities You're sending my way!

I'm praying for:
- Peace of mind.
- Good health for my loved ones.
- Faith.
- Guidance and enlightenment.

I know I'm kinda assuming that God will give me all the things above right? But I know he will. It's just the timing that has to be right!

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