Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Nope it's not what you think it is. An ex got into the bad side of a friend because of this word. BWAHAHA But that's a different story.

Anyway I've been enjoying punk ska lately. It's really very happy music. It makes you wanna buy dancing shoes!!! Weeeee!!! But I've taken to listening to covers...for now. I super owe it to my friend who let me download Skaravan and Hotel California from his multiply site! HEHE

Anyway the last couple of days has been downright pathetic. I had a couple of those random bouts of loneliness shit that bugs me shitless. And now, what's bugging me is I really really want a DSLR! Argh!

But I don't know what I'm getting yet. The Nikon D80 lens kit has pretty good lenses compared to the lens kit of the Rebel XTI. Argh.

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