Thursday, February 08, 2007

What is love?

Yesterday while I was waiting for my ride, I saw an old couple walking hand in hand. I think they were excercising. Cute right? So, I thought that's love? Right? I remembered my friends question a couple of nights ago. "How do you know it's love?" So I thought, HOW?

Is it my mom mimicking how my dad talks, while my dad smirks at it?

Is it my uncle worrying about us like we were his kids too? (I mean he must really love my aunt because he really treats us like his own right?)

Is it my friend Joulene and Rod, who got married after several years of being in a long distance relationship?

Is it AJ and Mark, who were given a second chance to love each other more than ever?

Is it Nerfy and his wife who after all the things that each had to go through still found love in each others arms?

Is it my dad choosing to stick it out with my mom even if he's not supposed to according to religion?

Is it Tita Luz who fought for her love for Tito Jorge?

So what is love? How will you know it's the real thing or not? Or is it one of those things that will always remain a mystery?

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