Saturday, June 09, 2007

I want my own life.

I'm 24. I know I'm an only child, but I've already lived most of my life trying to please this entire family. It's time to live it my style. I know I still have to follow the rules, it's your house anyway, but still. I know some people who still lived with their parents but still enjoy their lives without having to endure half an hour or so of sermon, or cussing.

I'm 24. I'm no longer your baby girl. I'm entitled to mistakes and lessons. I'm entitled to a night or two of partying. I've never gone home drunk. I've never drank and driven the car home. I never came home with news that I rammed the car somewhere. You've never been summoned to a precinct or hospital because something bad has happened to me. I've been able to take care of myself.

I just want to live a little bit, without having to come home to a bunch of people berating me for it.

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