Friday, June 29, 2007

People I Admire.

This is an excerpt from my personal journal. I only admire a handful of people, whom I know personally, in my life. This is who and why:

Mom - Takes care of the family, patient, understanding and tries her best.

Papa - He is my best example of unconditional love, good provider.

My fave aunt - imparts knowledge and wisdom to others, selfless, optimistic, succesful and humble.

My fave uncle - Inspires others to be the person that they can be, optimistic, full of wisdom.

My Boyfriend - He has a great ability to love, understanding and patient to an extent, Optimistic, motivates me to be the woman I can be, sees the good in me even the ones I can't see.

Antonette Maniquis - HANDS DOWN, the best friend one can have!

Manel Castro - Hardworking, determined, great friend, listens well.

Kevin Pajado - Reliable, understanding, and he's a good man.

Farah Abu (singit lang to hehe) - Independent, creative, great company, great friend, honest, tough even with the frail exterior, fighter.

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manel said...

touch naman ako! :D