Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things to do:

Random order:

1. Land a job.
2. Study kaballah.
3. Read the Coelho books I was given last Christmas.
4. Scan all my recipes, encode and add necessary notes and pictures.
5. Get notes from Sonia.
6. Pamper myself. (I seriously need to chillax.)
7. Take pictures.
8. Spend time with some friends.
9. Sponsor a thanksgiving mass.
10. Cook for my boyfriend's mom.
11. Cook for my boyfriend. Teehee.
12. Host a dinner with select friends.
13. Get away with my boyfriend. Somewhere with sun, sand and sea!
14. Shop for myself. Hehe (Books, lingerie, jeans, shoes, flipflops, sandals)
15. Buy my boyfriend a birthday gift.

Top priority is the job so I can do number 15. Nyahehehehe.

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