Thursday, November 09, 2006

Alcohol dependency.

Okay I just had vodka last night. I wish I hadnt though. Too late I realized after I was kinda slurred already. Argh. And now theres a nasty feeling of vommit from the pit of my stomach. Ugh.

I dont know how I started to turn to alcohol in times of emotional aggreviation. Seemed like a good idea at that time. Don't get me wrong I drink, occasionally. When I'm at a party or when I'm out of town with friends. We drank, we laughed and then we wake up feeling pretty wasted the next day.

I think it was late last year that I started drinking rather abnormally. I lost the habit though, or should I say forced myself to. Plus the fact that I hated the feeling already. Now I think I'm doing it again. Just a couple of days ago I made an entry under the influence of mighty vodka spirits. I was again last night thought I didn't blog. Ugh.

And what do I get for it. Headache, upset stomach, and having to go to school later and suck it up. Ugh. I hate myself now.

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