Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thank you...

I havent done this in a while...

Thank God for...
- My friends - all of them. Every single one of them who matters to me.
- My family including Diego.
- The camera that is available when I wanna take pictures.
- Blogger.com, it helps me clear my head.
- Graduating with honors! Yihaaa!
- The oppurtunity to do pastry, short course.
- Popo - for the love, the friendship, for sharing my pains, my frustrations and everything else that you didn't need in your life but still allowed to help me out.
- My personal limewire and music provider...teehee.
- Sunrises and sunsets, or even stark direct sun at 3 PM.
- Wonderful moon angles.
- Newly discovered hobby.
- Motorala V3x
- All my blessings and trials.

I pray for...
- Good health to my family, friends and loved one.
- Blessings and good graces.
- Oppurtunities to improve myself.
- More wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

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