Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Final's aftermath.

Finally, the exams are over. Now I am just gonna anxiously wait for this friday so I can see my grade. Whew. I hope they're okay.

Anyway I slept for a total of 12 hours total. Thanks to someone, who literally almost begged for me to sleep. I didn't answer any of the messages even if I read them "I was sleeping."

Achtung! I need new havaianas. Okay okay, I WANT new flip flops. Hehe. I will buy when I get a job.

I'm considerably happy right now that I can forget about school for a while and just chill out. On saturday I get to have fun with a friend. Yay.

Oh yeah I was with Kevin and Manel the other night, as usual it was a nigh of coffee, pictures and talking about life, love and yes, BS. It's nice to have a guy friend around to confirm if your man is bullshit-ing you. Manel, I think was shaken up with what we've talked about she was quiet on the way home.

I can't wait for our Tagaytay trip! Yipeee!

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