Friday, November 03, 2006

Vodka and grapejuice.

I am anxious. I dont know why. I am drinking vodka and grapejuice to help me calm down. It's like I should be doing something I just can't quite figure out what. Grrr.

I started doing my papers just in case I pass the interviews I will be doing soon. For the longest time I had wanted a chance to get out of my parent's clutches. In a new land, where people are different, culture is different and start anew. I dont know if the anxeity is coming from the mere fact na I can just screw up the interviews...or the exams on Monday. Lord, help me.

Random Thoughts:

- I want to go overseas.
- I want to work already.
- I need to ace my practicals because I screwed up the written exams.
- I miss someone.
- Have I become a slave of my selfishness?
- Do I love myself too much now?
- What the fockin' hell is fockin wrong with me right now?
- I think I have an emotional disorder.


psyche said...

honey i think its just your hormones. :)

soulfoolchic said...

What hormones?! HAHAHA