Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Board exams...or bored exams...

I am thinking about taking the board exams next January 2008. Considering. Quite seriously, I must say. I have a number of reasons for wanting to do it. First, its an additional blue ribbon to my name, my dad will stop nagging me about it and will stop picking at the fact that I enjoy my job in the kitchen, I can teach History of Architecture - if I ever wanna pursue that, and lastly, it will make the rest of my family happy.

A couple of things that need to be considered though are, my empty logbook of diversified experience, my kitchen job that I LOVE to bits, I'm gonna have to put the rest of my (new) life's plan on the backseat! WAAAAAAAAAAH.

Maybe I'm just bored, again. Maybe if they give me a new toy (Nikon d80 or Canon Rebel XTI) I won't be thinking about it as much. *sigh*

I want to lie down and stare at the sky.

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