Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gasp! Winner!

Friendster Horoscope.

The Bottom Line
Romance must take a backseat for a little while. You have other things to focus on.

In Detail
Romance might have to start taking a backseat in your life for a while -- and not because you won't have anyone interested in getting romantic with you (and vice versa). Rather, it's just that you have some more important things to deal with. Taking care of business will help you clear your mind, and will give you the energy that's necessary to open up your heart to someone else. Taking a break from wooing or being wooed will refresh your attitude, too.

Let me just clap my hands. *clap clap* Lansak!

I don't know if I'm going to jump for joy or do an egg roll. *sarcasm here* *sticks tongue out*


psyche said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA im sorry natawa ako lady T! (T is for tanga) hehe

soulfoolchic said...


HAHA...dude lahat tayo we go through that stupid phase...aminin mo you pined after ebs hahaha...