Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I am such a crybaby. Even when I was young, when Manel starts teasing me or starts a fight, I'd start crying. And being the bully that she is, she'd start teasing me more. I cry at movies, even if I tell myself I won't cry. I cry when Daddies cry. You know that scene at A Walk To Remember? Where Mandy's dad was talking to her when she was in the hospital? I was crying during that whole talk. I cry at sappy commercials! Even with the bitch exterior, I cry easily. Even if I tell myself not to cry, tears just start streaming down.

I was reading Ella's blog this morning, and reading all the replies. And tears started welling up and rolling down my cheeks. I swear I'm not sure if I am empathizing or sympathizing. I dunno, maybe I just felt bad for her. But I know she knows there's a reason for it.

I swear, can you have tear ducts surgically removed? HEHE

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