Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hey Missy.

I was only able to keep one stuffed toy from my childhood. My mother gave the rest away. I don't know where. I asked her if I can keep Missy because I wanted to give her to the person whom I want and choose to be with for the rest of my days. Naks.

So I gave Missy to him a couple of weeks back. It's so cute because he wont keep Missy in the bag I brought her in. He carried her in his arms like that. Imagine that. HAHA Anyhow, we were hangin' out the other day in that same spot we hung out in almost every other night. As usual, random questions, cuddling and senseless laughters. I just love it.

He said something that really made me smile that night. Actually, it makes me smile each time I remember. He told me he loves me and he loves my family too. WAH. I think I just won the love lottery. HAHAHA He's my family now too. And one day we will be a family too, with his 2 princesses and my prince. :)

"You drive me completely crazy, completely crazy for my sunset lover tonight."
- Excerpt, Sunset Lover by Josh Kelly (John Tucker Must Die Soundtrack)

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