Friday, April 27, 2007

Thank you!

This started out as a ranting entry...decided to delete everything and make it positive...

- My family...they frustrate the hell out of me but I love them, I don't have a choice. HAHAHA
- Francis, he's one of the major reasons that life is more interesting right now.
- My friends, TOPAC, My Galera girls, Tere - I miss you!, Manel - We owe each other some major bonding, Kevin - thanks for everything, Isprikitiktik/Jello - We still owe each other Intramuros, see you soon. Farah - I wish we'd gone to Embassy, see you in Sept! I miss my friends. *sob*
- My job! I love it! Even if I'm tired as hell right now.
- Opportunities.
- Clubhouse parking lot, for our spot you so generously lend us when we wanna hang out with each other.

I knew it! I need alone time! HAHA. Just read my friendster horoscope. HEHE

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