Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tampon Myths...

I swear this was on the manual in a box of tampons.

Q: Will tampons break my hymen and cause me to lose my virginity?

A: No. Tampons will not tear nor break your hymen. There is a small opening in the hymen that lets menstrual fluid , and tampons are small enough to pass through this opening. You will remain a virgin until you have sexual intercourse, regardless of tampon usage.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Talk about one hell of a BMI. Have you seen a tampon? Anyway, if you have a lucid and silly imagination such as mine...you'd be thinking of what I thought about when I read the myth.


If you didn't...tough luck.


Giacomo Casanova said...

Letters from a Prince...

Excuse me???

soulfoolchic said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA You didn't get it did you?

Had to edit it. I found the manual! HEHE Copied it verbatim! :)

gerard said...

burara! lol

soulfoolchic said...

Tik! Imagine mo to.

Guy: Are still a virgin? (although I dunno who guy in his right mind would ask this question...let's just say some chauvinist pig is still out there)

Girl: I'm sorry a tampon beat you to it.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA langya sumakit ulo ko kakatawa dito sa thought na to.