Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All I need is fairy dust...

Peter Pan said, 'Think of a happy thought and you will fly.' You know what? You make me fly.

My Prince,

I already start to smile just thinking about what I can write to you. You chase all my blues away. The happy thoughts are almost instantaneous! The moment I start thinking about you my fears, my anxieties and worries start to seem minute and unimportant. It's like a sponge seeps them away. I guess I can worry about it another time.

You are the wild flowers on the side of a very rough road. You're the green light to a jam packed intersection. You're the oasis on a barren dessert. You're that ray of light on a cloudy day. You're my answered prayer. And for all of which I am grateful for.

The moon is out and I miss you. Smile. Be happy today.


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