Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Magic Moments v2.0

Remember how I lectured on magic moments? HEHE I had another epiphany. (Woooh, Lord! You're the man! I swear!) Okay. Lately I'm feeling rather blissful again. And it's not the inner happiness. This time, I actually have a reason for being so. But, I'm scared to embrace the feeling. Maybe because I don't want to get disappointed or hurt or whatever. And it's giving me a hard time, because it's such a nice feeling to just set aside!

It's another magic moment! It's freely given to me to feel. But I just have to reign in the expectations. It's why people get hurt. It's why I get hurt. No expectations, no pain, no disappointment only happy, blissful days. HAHA

So...I will try to embrace and just enjoy it while it lasts. I wont have it forever...but at least I can say it was mine even for just a awhile. So bring on the magic! :) Weeeee.

It's been a while since I listened to this song...and now, Bliss is again on loop. HAHA

I hate it when Isprikitik makes sense. I've been so accustomed to him not making any sense. He asked: "How can you be sure that he's not your Prince if you wont give him the chance to be him?" And I am still stumped! HAHA. You lil' shit! HAHAHA

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