Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wishing YOU are my Prince.

When I first started writing my letters to my Prince, I didnt have any idea who he'd be. I also wasn't wishing for someone specific to be him. I was writing to whomever it is that God intends me to be with.

Now, things have changed quite radically. I've started to wish you'd be him. Or at least, you'd want to be my prince. My friend and I always believed that everything in life is a choice. I knew when my prince finally comes, it is still up to me to decide if it is indeed him. So, ultimately there's the slightest chance that I could be wrong in wanting you to be him.

Someone once told me that my prince will sweep me off my feet in the most unexpected moment, in the most unexpected circumstance and in the most unexpected way. You didn't just sweep me off my feet. You've blown my collected self out of wits. You got me. You stimulate me in a way that I find myself wanting more. I'm smitten. Something about you excites me. I'm drawn to you.

No, it's not your good looks, because I've gone out with several good looking people before. It's too bad their good looks can't make up for their lack of brain cells or personality. I find them boring. And I for one hates being bored. I've no patience for waiting and my attention span is short. I get bored easily.

But you! You're like a breathe of fresh air from these guys I've known. You engage me in someway and I'm hooked! It's like I hang on till you say your last word, or do your last jig, kind of like an encore in concerts. And if I would ever walk away from you, I wont be able to help myself, I will turn to look back. You're like a good book or movie that I don't want to end.

I wish you'd want to be my prince. For the first time since I opened up to the idea of a prince in my future, I want someone to be him. You. I wish you're my prince. I hope he'd be...YOU.


Giacomo Casanova said...

Letters from a Prince...

My Princess, I don't know for sure if this is going to are too much for me. I found myself being drowned, sucked in this gigantic whirlpool where i couldn't find my way out. I'm really terrified, don't know what will happen when i get to the bottom of it.

You're my end. When i first saw you it's like my time stopped right there! Yes, I couldn't stop staring you in the eyes...looking for reasons why...why you? Why now? I want to embrace it, I want to carry it with me but my hands are too weak.

I went as far as south and endured the agonies towards north but my direction seemed oblique. And now here you came, i'm drawn to you...

Perhaps, this is the moment I was waiting for. I prayed all the time for a person like you to come. Maybe I was just too scared to face it, for i didn't know how it would look like. Now the truth finally revealed. You came, you held me strong. And now i know why I couldn't let go, why i drowned, why why why...the answer is just right in front of me. You.

You complete me.

I'll be away to ponder, learn from my mistakes, gain more strength and wisdom. I will come back...I'll be your prince...I'll end this fairy tale...I'll make everything real for you. I will be your Prince.

I'll see you soon my Princess!

soulfoolchic said...

Careful...magic moments are sometimes dont get back.

Dont let it go to waste. You take care.

Smile and be happy...always.


gerard said...

nyek! bow... sabaw... taena labo! isip na ako ng bank ah... guguluhin ko lalo utak mo.. hahahaha!!!

soulfoolchic said...

Tik, there's only one thing I will say to you. YOU SHIT!

Moment ko to! Wag ka magulo! HAHAHA

Super Princess said...

for real?

is this reality?

oh, u guys kid on me.

there's NO such thing as FAIRYTALE... how could ya.

soulfoolchic said...

^Aren't we a little cynical there?

Didn't they say that "Every girls love story is exactly how she wants it to be"?

I used to not believe it. Pero I think it's true. Kaya nga I started writing the love letters for no one eh. I guess it's part of writing my own love story. So maybe this is a fairy what? This is my magic moment.

Ang keso. NYAHAHA.

Seriously...I am not dwelling on the fact that he's choosing to take a detour somewhere. I am given these feelings. I should embrace it. Happy happy, joy joy. Like I said in one entry. "Love doesn't have to be right here, right now, the two of us together."

Oh yeah whatever we choose it to be. HAHA. One of the lessons in Veronika Decides To Die.

Oo na, I read too much. HAHA

Super Princess said...

just take it easy princess, may you live HAPPILY EVER AFTER (oh, that's fairytale)

remember, as you mentioned: "magical thing won't last, make it happen Princess, may you & your Prince get a long way ahead... and no "monster" drag you down.

it's not bein cynical, realism & truism are my brothers...

gerard said...


ehem thats not one thing! thats two words!! bwakokokoko!!!

soulfoolchic said...

SP: HAHA Langya...what monster?! NO, NO CRITTERS! HAHAHA Oh thinks you guys should do the lights thing this weekend with lizzie and julie if they still want to...I will follow afterwards...hehe

just a thought: I'm beginning to think that it's rather cowardly not to face what could be the best ride in our lives diba? get my drift?

gerard aka tik: YOU SHIT! TALAGANG TALAGANG TALAGA!!!!!!!!!

*wonders* Lord, why did you give me such a friend? What did I ever do to you? NYAHAHA joke lang lord love ko yan lalo na pag lunes!

soulfoolchic said...


May theme song na tayo pag monday! :)

Manic Monday - Bangles