Friday, March 23, 2007

Something new about me...

I'm surprised. Normally, I'd be down right depressed this very moment. I'd be bitter, cynical, skeptical and disappointed. Fortunately, I'm not. I'm still happy. I can still smile but not the fake kind. I guess my Prince has also taught me to have a happy heart despite his absence.

I have faith. I know my Prince will find his way. And I can live without him at this moment. It's not imperative that we're together this very moment, although it doesn't hurt. HEHE With him in my heart, I can face anything.

I used to think that I've lost so much of myself through the years. I gave so much of myself and my time to people who hurt me, abused me in some way and left me. I was wrong, I didn't lose anything. In fact, I gained more of myself through such experiences. I guess I just missed that part of my life when I was carefree and ignorant. And everyone knows we all need to grow up at one point.

Overtime, I've started learning things about me, that I never knew I had in me. Now I understand what they say "The courage to lose something is also the courage to accept that you still have much to learn about yourself and your life." Through these losses I gained much more than I expected.

My Prince and my life's experiences have taught me to accept and embrace magic moments without hesitations. (Are you getting tired of me, rambling about my magic moments?! HAHA) It takes great courage for me to do that being a self confessed cynic and skeptic. I am the kind of person who expects people to disappoint me. I didn't have much faith in people, due to several experiences in the past. And I have to say that it's changed me and my outlook in life. I no longer need to convince myself to be positive. It's like it's natural for me do it. I've stopped worrying if things are going to work out. I already know they will, at the right time, as long as you ask for guidance and do your best.

I can now see that life is truly simple. That even if life is sometimes hard, these magic moments make you realize that it is worth the pain and hardship. That without adversity you cannot experience how it is to live.
Okay here we go...incessant need to thank God...for all of life's simple pleasures! :) So THANK YOU!

- For Prince, for the inspiration, love, lessons he's taught me even in his absence.
- For my friends, for being my cheering squad!
----My girls (Bev, Liz, Julie, Anne, Annie, Luv, Dave and Margaret) for senseless fun, laughter and conversations may it be over coffee or cocktails.
----Isprikitik, for being the best photo bud (as if I have more) ever! Don't you dare leave me alone! HAHA!
----TOPAC, I know we're not what we used to be but you're still TOPAC to me.
----My future roomies, Manel and Kevin, for always being there, despite the hectic schedules, time difference and time apart.
----My processing executives, Myles and Ella, you girls are my angels!
----Max, if not for you, I wouldn't have opened up my heart to my Prince. HAHA
----And everyone else, Bajie - emo mate!, Tere - you're always there to lend me a hand and to cheer me on, thanks., Couchers - for the company. HEHE
- For my family, because your love is endless and unconditional. Your support never wavers and for everything else that's not said.
- For work. My own personal miracle! I love what I'm doing! There's never a day I don't feel grateful to be pursuing my passion.
- For the magic moments, for finally being able to recognize these miracles in my life. For being able to embrace and accept it.

Darn it. I'm such a drama queen! :) Tonight, the moon is out! My Prince is out there. I hope he's walking towards me. HAHA :)


Giacomo Casanova said...

Letters from a Prince...

Salut my Princess!

Mon coeur languit pour votre amour. Je ne peux pas attendre de vous voir encore. Beaucoup comme je veux garder la magie coule par est là-bas pour vous, je ne pourrais pas. ..but vous avez besoin de ne pas s'inquiéter. Je serai là-bas pour vous bientôt. Je me tiendrai là-bas vous attend, avec les fleurs d'espoir.

Les roses blanches, signifie la pureté. ..clean intentions. amour. Oui, me c'est. ..holding il pour vous. ..may vous acceptez s'il vous plaît mon cadeau. amour pur.

:> Miss you!

soulfoolchic said...

Oh e kamusta naman na I dont understand french.

Hello. DUH.

Giacomo Casanova said...

Haha...Yeah, Duhhh?!?

How was your day? Signal here is pretty erratic. Good thing i have my Laughtop with me (its almost obsolete but still reliable :P )

I'm on line...just in case you wanna chat shoot me a message. Can't wait to see you next week. :>