Saturday, March 24, 2007

Royal dream...

My Prince,

Underneath the stars we sit, side by side

In a place, where the world's chaos seems distant...

In your arms, I feel what it's like to belong,

Side by side, just the way it's meant to be.

One by one, the stars start to fall...

We're still. We wait, for the first streak of sunlight...

We witness the beauty of it all..

Together, finally.

Tonight, I finally caught a glimpse of the moon on my drive home. I miss my Prince! I hope we're looking at the same sky. Smile. Be happy.


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Giacomo Casanova said...

Letters from a Prince...

I took a glimpse of the moon around 10:30pm and it was enveloped in darkness but never failed to smile on me while walking on this fantastic beach, waves singing to me like birds do in the morning. Cold breeze embraced my body...and so i remembered you. Closed my eyes and envisioned the impossible. You stood there and i embraced you. Touched your hair like a Prince would do to a Princess. Looked into your eyes and slowly move my head to your lips and kissed you. It was a wonderful feeling indeed. But then i realized it was all in my head. That you were never there, you never existed at that time. If had invented a time machine i would take your hands and held you close to me. Just for 1 minute...please...that's all i ask for us to be eternal. 1 minute for me to enjoy this lasting memory. I stood there alone, in the dark, placed my hands inside my pockets and shook my head down...wondered what you were doing, worried you might fall and somebody else catches you. I felt a little bit of agony.

But after a while i smiled. I took my little booklet and wrote my feelings. And it said, "My dear Princess, right this very moment i thought of you. I wish you were here with me. I wanted to show you who I am but time was so greedy for me to do so. I am happy, for once i was able to take you this far, nothing less, nothing extravagant. I will remember this very moment. For I thought of you no other way but to hug and kiss my Princess. You're with me, you will always be."

I'm coming home now.