Sunday, March 18, 2007

The end of the sugar rush.

I forgot to blog this...soupy brain. HAHA Written on my notebook 2 days ago.

This is much like how Nadine described the crash after a sugar rush. After a giddy and hyper couple of hours, when the glucose runs dry it's like you've been hit by a truck, you just sit there, motionless...too tired and to exhausted to move.

After what felt like a month of pure illogical, ridiculous bliss. I am stumped. All of a sudden I can see all the things that's not going right in my life. Like how my plans are again idly waiting for me to press the activate button. How I can feel every bone in my back pounding on me. How I can feel the muscles in my leg ache. How I can feel my frustration rising.

I know this moment. I knew it will come. And I had been ready. Bring it on bitch! HAHA

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