Monday, March 05, 2007

Gloriously in state of ridiculous bliss...

I have been ridiculously happy the past few days. And I'm not really about to feel bad that I was happy. I'm glad I'm happy! People might start thinking that there's something a miss. Maybe I'm tryina hide something. But, no! I just had a couple of realizations. I had an epiphany. Some sort of inspiration, to smile, to laugh, to just live with more vigor and love for life rather than whine about life's negative side.

No, there's no one. I am not happy because of another person. I'm happy because I choose to be. Okay, maybe my Prince is kinda helping me a little bit. But I don't know him yet, or if I do I haven't realized that he is my Prince. But I'm happy with the thought that someday, someone will love me. And I am happy with the thought that I will love this person back.

I guess, the main reason really is choosing to be happy. I always say life is a choice. Problems will always be there and you can choose to make yourself miserable while trying to solve your problem. In reality, you can smile and do what you can to solve the problem and pray for guidance. And everything will be okay.

Life is simple.

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