Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's you, it's me...

You never know who's waiting for you
You never know when love is coming your way
But if tonight I look again into your eyes
And it's you and it's me you love
And it's you and it's me you love

Isn't it ironic that just when you're having the time of your life being single, enjoying the freedom of not having to think about someone else's feelings, welfare, or whatnot, you meet someone and he makes you wanna be with someone again? Preferably him.

I know I said I wasn't looking for anyone...I was waiting for my Prince remember? But I can't help it. *sigh*

I'm gonna have to spank Cupid. BWAHAHAHAHA He needs to be put in a corner. HAHAHA

Oh well...


psyche said...

omg u read my secret letter! hehehe nakalimutan ko iprivate! anyways, fave song ko yan by kaskade. pero alam mo, i dont know if its really that enjoyable not to think of someone else's welfare. i dont know, kasi cguro i am still thinking whats gonna hurt him. anyways, you'll find love. or it will find you. US.

soulfoolchic said...

What? HAHAHA Ako I dont, or I didnt. Sorry I know it's selfish pero I don't see the point. HAHA

If I'm always gonna think about everyone else's feelings or welfare, then I will be too busy making other people happy, to seek and find my own happiness.

I just dont do anything to intentionally hurt that person, other than that I don't think it's any of my problem pa.

HAHA...bitch ko! HAHA