Saturday, March 31, 2007

Interesting morning...

Okay. I've been telling myself to breathe properly. When I woke up and checked my blog/s, I suddenly semi hyper ventilated. Anyway...okay over with. So, how does it feel? To find something you're not supposed to find? Do you feel like a pirate looking for some treasure and found it? So much for having a place to vent out stuff. Oh well.

Why am I suddenly getting a nasty feeling I'm getting played? Oh right, I am always getting played, because I would always join the game, even if I didn't understand the rules. But life has no rules. It's do or die.

So...screw it. This is not my day.


Giacomo Casanova said...

Letters from a Prince...

There are some things that should be kept secret. Private (text) messages should be kept private. When one of my office colleague googled my name, to my surprise i was dumbfounded with what i saw. I never expected my privy messages would appear virtually on line.

I am not at all embarrassed, that's for sure. I told my colleagues that i was in love (still am) and for whatever reason why it was there it's coz somebody really gives a shit about me. I stood proud but being mocked by some 20++ fellow office mates is something i'm not up for.

But who gives a shit anyway? I'm in love with you and that's all i care for now. I quoted you last time, "If somebody said something bad about shouldn't be your concern. That's their problem. IF you felt bad about the idea, then there must be really something wrong."

I don't play around coz i'm not a kid. My respect for you still stands firm. We'll work this out and me...i will stay and hold my ground. When the time comes that you no longer need me then i shall leave, but for now, I will care for you. I will continue this journey. I will FIGHT for us if i must.

I'm here to stay, I will protect YOU and you will protect me.

I miss you...


soulfoolchic said...

Eh kala ko ba you're in love with the braces?

Want me to give them to you after I'm done with them? HEHEHE