Monday, March 19, 2007

Senseless evening...

As usual, as all my Monday nights have been...senseless. Spent with 3 girlfriends, a cup of ice blended raspberry tea (I just went over my coffee/tea limit for the month in just 3 days!), a couple of cameras, and a lot of senseless rambling and mad hyena laughter.

Well, after the rut one of them put me in. I was able to enjoy the rest of my evening. Took some mediocre shot and went home. I kinda missed my photo bud though. It's a not as manic as the other mondays. I miss manic mondays!!!

I want:
I want to go to Palau. I want that DSLR, which one? Either a rebel or the nikon d80. I want an alone trip to Tagaytay. I want to eat ebi maki salad from Tempura. I want a decent date this time. HAHA I want raclette cheese from Antonio's. I want to stare at the nothingness. I want to see Manel and Kevin. I want a hug and a backrub. I want to kiss. I want more senseless fun! I want to go to Jaipur and Warehouse 135's Upgrade Party. I want another dog. I want a laptop. I want a job overseas. I want to become independent. I want to do that cupcake business thing seriously. I want to study Asian Culinary Arts in Singapore. I want to study Pastry Arts. I want to travel. I want to meet...MY PRINCE! :)

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