Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ramble on...

I used to love romance movies. You know the kind where in you already know that the leas characters will end up together but you still watch it? When I was younger and inexperienced about A LOT of things, I always thought that when I kiss someone music will start playing. I was wrong. My first kiss was actually courtesy of a very good friend who now prefers to kiss men. Nice, right? There wasn't any music except for the taunt of my best friend who actually dared us into kissing. Our lives didn't have a musical score.

I'd been in and out bad and good relationships. I've turned away people who I thought didn't fit into my life. I used to look at my friends who were in relationships and was envious of what they had. From where I stood, everything was perfect. I was also sadly, wrong. Some of the relationships I had envied had now ended. I learned that people and feelings change. I had been a victim and prey of such changes. I fall in and out of love easily.

There was only one person I remember having opened my heart to. Sadly, that person hurt me too. I was bitter, cynical, skeptical and disillusioned. Sometimes love just ain't enough to keep a person from leaving you.

And then my Prince happened.Through this Prince I found something in me that I never knew existed. I love someone I didn't know. I just believed that one day my life's path will cross his and I will love him. My friends saw evident change in me. I was happy, contended and radiant. I couldn't explain how it and what happened. So the simplest way I can tell them is "I know I will be loved." And that's enough for me to live with happily. They thought I was mental.

Right now, I have someone I want to be my Prince. I don't know yet for sure if he is the Prince. But he could be! I know "the one" is a choice, and with that we also need to accept that there's a chance we can be wrong. After all, to err is human. I know the universe is conspiring. It is giving me what I want, what I am destined for. And all of these feelings, situations and experiences is preparing me for that.

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