Saturday, March 31, 2007

Someone just made my day better...

I was driving home when my phone beeped "I don't need a man...", my ring tone, teehee. I felt around for my phone and opened it. It was Farah, one of my best friends who lives in far away, Iligan, who I'm going to visit in September, with my plane tickets in my email. HAHA

"I just want you to know that where ever I am, there will never be a better friend than you."

I was startled. Thanks to the paranoia, instead of thanking her I asked her why!
"I hang out with like 4 girls who I thought were really cool. It's just disappointing to know that they are not like you. They will never be like you."

Awww...I didn't know she appreciated me that much! I mean I know we're friends and all, we've had differences, we've fought, shared secrets, got wasted, got drunk, got high grades, got bad grades and blah. It just never occurred to me I'd make THAT much of a difference to someone's life.

Thanks Farah. I love you, man. I'll see you soon. And I want you to know that I will always be your friend, no matter what. :)

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