Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lost scribbling...

Don't you just hate when you lose something you wrote on a piece of paper? I have a habit of writing things down to clear my thoughts. I didn't have my notebook with me so I had to make do with the tape receipt from the micros printer that we have in the pantry. But the bad news is, I lost it. I hope it wasn't in my uniform which I turn in when my shift ends. I don't want anyone reading it.

The only thing I remember that I wrote there is: How come my friends always says that when you find the "one" for you, you will be complete. I think it's wrong to think that you need another person to complete you. Shouldn't you be complete on your own, so you can open yourself up to another person? How can you allow a person enter your life when you yourself is still trying to find something, because you feel incomplete? Get my drift?

Am I being cynical again? Or trying to be the perfect little future crown princess for my crown prince? Well...bring on the spankings! If it's spank worthy! :)

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