Sunday, March 11, 2007

When inspiration strikes...

I'm so inspired! I've written like 4 letters to my Prince today. I guess it has something to do with what a friend and I talked about last night. He actually thinks that he's going to meet "his lady" soon. Isn't that nice? I am so happy for him! He's actually the one who got me started writing to my Prince. I guess the fact that he has those feelings brings a sense of wonder and excitement to me, when I do finally meet my Prince.

Tomorrow is my day off. I am set to take pictures with my new photo bud, Jello. Well, with or without him, I will still want to go out and take pictures tomorrow. I want to keep doing my photography. It makes me happy. It's like cooking. It makes me very happy.

The past few weeks have been glorious. It's one hell of a magic moment. And I want more. But I know it's temporary. I am ready. Whatever it is that's to come my way. I am ready. Good or bad, I know it will make me a better person. It will develop me further as a person. It will bring me endless lessons.

Life is simple. You accept, you embrace, you make choices, you make a decision and you stick with it. You learn, you become wiser. Yes, it might not always be easy, nobody said it is, but when you have these magic moments. It makes the pain, worthwhile.

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